Asetec obtained AENOR certifications in quality and environmental management

The staff of Asetec , aware of the importance that the company has to meet the needs and expectations of its customers enable the necessary resources for such purposes , including the establishment of an Integrated Management System for Quality and Environment based on existing regulations, with wide international acceptance.

By granting the UNE -EN ISO 9001 , AENOR certifies that Asetec services have the ability to meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory and legal throughout the European Union.

Obtaining strengthen relationship builder with suppliers and customers, a bond of trust that has lasted more than ten years , and will help to reduce costs by reducing the number of audits of large companies which are subjected annually. With the certification UNE -EN ISO 14001 : 2004, Asetec demonstrates integrated environment as a global management , complying with the requirements imposed by the government and society in general. Thus, the company optimizes and maximizes your efforts in environmental protection , scheduling issues such as resource and waste management and reduction of negative environmental impacts , enhancing innovation and productivity , reducing costs , eliminating barriers for export and minimizing the risk of litigation and penalties.